7 Emmy Awards

Nature and Documentary Category

Tele Award


Creative Conceptualization

Video Strategy


--John Sorgenfrei, TJA Advertising

"Gear 6 is highly professional and very creative. They employ industry leading equipment and deliver projects on time and on budget. Over my forty years in the advertising agency business, I have worked with many production companies.  I found Gear 6 Productions to be one of the very best."

Music Supervision

Strategic planning is a collaborative process. We work with our clients to create optimized targeting, messaging and branding, always emphasizing client's goals and needs. . .

Timelapse Photography

Cinema Cams and Lenses


E X C E E D I N G   E X P E C T A T I O N S

Content Planning

you need a production team that is efficient, collaborative,​ and knowledgable.  

Gear 6 Productions utilizes the latest software tools to make superb footage even superb-er. Post production is a beautiful science, and we love to work in the lab. . .


​-DJI Ronin Steady Cam

-HMI Light Kits

-ARRI Fresnels

-Jib Arms

​-Tripods, Dollys, Timelapse Rigs 

Voice Overs

Visual Effects

Drone and Aerial Imagery

From script to screen, we have a streamlined production FAMILY that will take your productions to the next level. And Gear 6 utilizes the newest, most innovative and dynamic production tools. . .


Social Media Branding


-RED Dragon 6K Cinema Camera

-Canon c100 Mark ii

-Canon 5D Mark iii DSLR

​-Canon EOS 70D 

​-DJI Drone w/ 4K Camera

​Color Grading

When your company's brand is on the line...

Video Accessories


-Adobe Premiere

​-Creative Suite

-After Effects

-Apple Final Cut Pro 10